Catalogue 2018
Optimized for use with the Qiagen (corbet) Rotor-Gene

- Designed for Qiagen/Corbett Rotor-Gene®
- Low profile 0.1 ml (100 µl) working volume, 0.2 ml (200 µl) total well capacity
- Uniform, smooth, and thin-walled for optimum qPCR results
- Optically clear tubes (ideal for qPCR)
- Frosted cap for easy handling and labelling
- Tube and cap strips can be separated for individual use
- Free from RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA, and PCR inhibitors

Reference Description Quantity Price
GPP14.0250 GRS PCR Strip of 4 tubes with caps (for Rotor-Gene®) 250 strips + caps